Best Vision of the Future (Smart City)

We want our cities to be smart, but often the cost of accomplishing such a feat would be eye-watering even for the most-flush of folks. Consequently, companies are looking for ways to bolt on smart-city equipment to existing infrastructure. It is built as a lamppost head that contains security cameras, IoT and municipal WiFi equipment within its slender body. It even gives basic street lighting an upgrade, offering the ability to change color or flash to direct emergency services straight to where the crisis is.

The system provides street light monitoring and management, image monitoring and sensing data transmission and other functions. Street light monitoring and management and sensing data collection is the application of Zigbee technology to achieve multi-node low data transmission purposes. Image data transmission is the application of WiFi technology. Figure 1-1 shows the system architecture.

Each street light contains a single Light Control Unit (LCU). Data Collect Unit (DCU) attached to the lamp pole. Remote Unit Gateway (RUG) is responsible for managing a group of Light Control Unit (LCU) and Data Collect Unit (DCU). One Remote Unit Gateway (RUG) can manage up to 200 Data Collect Units (DCU) and 50 Data Collect Units(DCU).

Street light with built-in camera and Wi-Fi module to perform image data transmission. Remote Unit Gateway (RUG) and video data collection Wi-Fi module can be integrated into the Out Door Unit (ODU).As shown in Figure, the streetlight management data, sensing data and image data are connected to the Internet for back-end management platform applications. If the access point connected to the Internet distance is too far, then uses Wi-Fi outdoor wireless base station solution for the multi-point continuous relay platform with Mesh multipath self-healing network function.


Type (Street lights have electrical room, with AI, no IPC, with SENSOR, color temperature 5000K, no camera -100W two modules lamp body)
Lamp Total Power Consumption 100W ±5%
Input Voltage Range 100~240V
Rated current ≦0.75 A/230VAC
Power Factor > 0.95
Light Source high power LED
Optical Lens Glass Optical Lens
Optical Design Special Batwing & Asymmetrical Light Patterns
LED Luminous Efficiency ≧ 130 lm/W ±3%
Initial Luminaire Light Output ≧ 13100 lm ±3%
Color Rendering Index > 70
Color Temperature 5000K
Housing Aluminum with Anti-corrosive Metallic Lacquer
Weight 8.5kg
Color Rendering Index > 70
Housing΄s Dimension 720(L)x335(W)x180(H)mm
Installation Tube Diameter 60mm ( 2.36”)
IP Rating ≧65 (Light Engine 65/ Power Supply:IP 67)
Operating Temperature -30~+50℃
Storage Temperature 40~+80℃
LED Package COB


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