Maksat Digital Signage Solution is the state-of-the-art synergistic alternative to all the conventional billboards, prints, and audio-visual advertisement playback combined, while offering large-size display surface, multimedia audio-visual playback, digital marquee-texting and real-time push-messaging, as well as supporting touch-screen functionality, enabling advanced interactive advertisement (as software option).Maksat Digital signage Solution is optimum for malls , food chains , fashion stores, shopping complex malls, stock exchanges, lounges , waiting areas, public places like airports railway stations, bus terminal etc. Maksat Digital Signage Solution provides centralized public display management and control.

Since the reliance on the Internet has proliferated with the growth of cloud services, any network interruption will cause tremendous loss and damage. Therefore, the top priority of implementing a network is to ensure a reliable Internet connection. Accordingly, Maksat Gateway, an SPI firewall with multiWAN interfaces, delivers stability and continuity to your network through link failover and load balancing capabilities, as well as serves as an internal firewall for advanced controls.


A direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is an electrochemical energy conversion device that converts the chemical energy of liquid methanol into electrical energy directly. With no intermediate steps, no moving parts, and with no significant loss in energy, making it a particularly efficient source of power.

Advantages of DMFC

Long Autonomy: The fuel cells can be used continuously round the clock for 24x7 without any fluctuations.

Light Weight & Compact: Fuel cells are Light Weight & compact & can easily be integrated into existing systems.

Quiet and Emission-Free: Generate hardly any detectable signature. Ideal for covert & tactical power supply scenarios, working without detectable vibration, noise, exhaust or heat. Produces no harmful emissions.

Repair & Maintenance: With no moving parts the fuel cells are relatively easy & very low Maintenance.

Safe use: Environment friendly & contain no hazardous components. They all are safety-tested and meet international environment standards.

Charging Power – 1.5Kw
Weight – 68Kg

Charging Power – 600 Wh
Weight – 1.7kg

Charging Power – 3000 Wh
Weight – 11.6 kg


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