Maksat established in the year 2001 with a small team of young entrepreneurs willing to do something big in the field of wireless communications, and system integration, Today we are leaders in broadband wireless equipment manufacturing and solutions with robust, cost effective and scalable solutions for carrier class networks and above 1,10,000 Base Station Radio and Client Premises Equipment deployed by carriers, ISPs, government, and private network operators all over India, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

We had also deployed WiFi city wide mesh for Crystal city USA and washington Airport USA, some key areas wifi surveillance is done for US law enforcement agencies, also a rock-solid wireless network over our porducts is designed that blankets the entire area in Ballston city.

Our microwave wireless radio products are designed to build, implement and expand carrier class networks, enterprise networks, VPN, primary links for the last mile and backhaul traffic between cell towers for Telco Wireless Broadband access (WBA) and multiple access points, for both point to point and point to multi point networks.Our solutions are founded on technological expertise, innovation and excellence. We have earned industry recognition for our distinctive open network approach that grants our global ecosystem of customers and partners flexibility to deploy solutions that fit their current and future needs.

Being a research and development based organization with backward and forward integrated product cycle. Our products compete with International brands products in industry like Radwin, Motorola, and Cisco etc. and are better placed in terms of flexibility of tailor made customizations as per different client needs. Our products cover over 50% of total market share of Telco industry RF links total market requirements.

Along with wireless broadband product we also offer a wide range of wireless surveillance networks solution, smart street lightning solutions, expanding rural connectivity by providing village wifi solutions, smart city network design and deployment.

With expanding telecommunications boundaries we also specialize in a range of managed services Network operation, maintenance and system integration to provide optimum services at cutting edge costs. Maksat’s expert and efficient network professionals can support designing, building, operating and managing day-to-day network operations.

We already cater one of the biggest and major Telco Bharti Airtel, end to end managed services and manpower is provided Pan India for deployment of new links and operation and management (O&M) successfully. Our in house expertise in installation and maintenance allows us to produce skilled and professional workforce for managed services.

Through Managed Network Services, we can take full responsibility for networks, including planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance, Management of end-customer problems escalated from your customer care function, Corrective and preventive field maintenance, Optimization of systems and services to ensure performance is maintained at agreed quality levels, Management of network changes, Installation and upgrades of equipment. The service is controlled by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on performance indicators.

For catering the Indian Army’s special Requirements Maksat's untiring Research and development team, took the challenge to develop, the first in the world digital microwave radio equipment operating on special frequencies, i.e. 4.7 GHz to 6.1 GHz, to avoid any possibility of disturbance or jamming in the frequencies.

Multiple projects for Indian Army’s Northern and Southern Commands are also implemented by us at most difficult of terrain available on planet, with most challenging weather conditions, in Jammu and Kashmir region, we had developed a series of custom made rugged and durable equipment range, in order to serve Indian army’s communication requirements with most updated technologies and most rugged and reliable hardware quality.

Our clients include almost all Telco’s in India (like Airtel, Aircel, and HCL), Public sector organizations, Governments organizations (PGCIL, IOCL), Defense Forces and Multinational companies like G.E, TCS, Hewlett Packard, HCL, Mitsubishi electric, and Dubai petroleum, We had deployed and are maintaining over 1000 links for Bharti Airtel Ltd, and have supplied over 1500 radios to HCL.

We developed the only in world Metro Train Diagnostic Info Access solution based on wireless for Mitsubishi Electric to be deployed at Delhi Metro. Maksat’s quality grade equipment are deployed at trains and platforms to implement a remote wireless data downloading system (Train fault data) of Metro Trains.

We were awarded the contract for Deploying SWAN (State wide area Network) network for the state of Himachal Pradesh, connecting about 1000 remote Locations together on wireless links.

We have also deployed India’s largest Rural Wireless network for Bajaj Hindustan Ltd spanning an area spreading 1200 Km & connecting locations on wireless links, these links also include India’s longest Point to point link of 76 km.

Maksat with eleven years of expertise in research and development and design and development offers next generation broadband wireless access solution for outdoor and specialized indoor application. Maksat’s software capabilities have enriched the solutions at a price performance that few can match.

We have a Strong in house Research and Development Team, with expertise in developing cutting edge technology solutions, based on customer’s requirement. We can customize our products as per growing needs of bandwidth hungry network applications, plus our in house expert and experienced technical implementation and support team can deploy links at most difficult of terrains with zero error possibilities and effectiveness, giving us an advantage thus that no one in the industry can match.

We are committed to delivering products with advance technologies and services that customers and partners can build on and grow with. Through constant innovation, Maksat is pushing the boundaries of the Wireless networking. Maksat is today a self-sustained and debt free company, with concrete assets value of thousands of happy client’s worldwide.

We are definitely aiming at linking technology to imagination.



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