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Maksat established in the year 2000 with a small team of young entrepreneurs, we are now a leader in broadband wireless equipment manufacturing and solutions. Today, we offer robust, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for carrier-class networks in India and abroad.

Being a leading player in the industry, we have earned industry recognition for our distinctive open network approach that grants our global ecosystem of customers and partners flexibility to deploy solutions that fit their current and future needs.

While offering state-of-the-art services, our products compete with international brands’ products in the industry and are better placed in terms of flexibility of tailor-made customizations as per the clients’ requirements. Our products cover over 50% of the total market share of the Telco industry RF links total market requirements.

Along with the telecommunication sector, we also specialize in a range of managed services network operation, maintenance, and system integration to provide optimum services at cutting edge costs. Our expert and efficient network professionals can support designing, building, operating, and managing day-to-day network operations.

We also offer a wide range of wireless surveillance networks solution, smart street lighting solutions, expanding rural connectivity by providing village Wi-Fi solutions, smart city network design, and deployment.

With 21 years of expertise in research, development, design, and development, we offer next-generation broadband wireless access solutions for outdoor and specialized indoor applications that made completing 20+ major projects possible. Our software capabilities have enriched the solutions at a price-performance that few can match.

We have a strong in-house research and development team, with expertise in developing cutting-edge technology solutions, based on customer’s requirements. We can customize our products as per growing needs of bandwidth-hungry network applications, plus our in house expert and experienced technical implementation and support team can deploy links at the most difficult of terrains with zero error possibilities and effectiveness, giving us an advantage thus that no one in the industry can match.


Wireless radio equipment is an integral part of modern day networks. Wireless Radio Equipment are new age solution for last mile connectivity in both rural and urban scenarios, Wireless radio equipment are need of the hour today and are modern day jargons for any network across globe due to low cost, reliable performance and quick deployments, plus ease of installation, Wireless Radio equipment are also evolving at a very fast pace to cope up with changing network requirements, and that is where Maksat Research and development teams take a lead over others.


Maksat BTS max Base station Radio is a perfect solution for Building Point to Multipoint Reliable Networks over long range distances and with higher data capacities, Maksat Base Station Radio are part of Maksat BTS max family of equipment’s that had been deployed across globe in different network requirements and successfully operating over for over a decade, Maksat Base Station Radios are synonyms for reliability, High data capability and superior performance in extreme operating conditions.

Maksat BTS max AC is a 5GHz/2.4GHz point-to-multipoint product with superior performance for building long distance links, Super High Power OFDM, 2 x 2 MIMO Diversity 5.8Ghz TDMA based.
The Maksat BTS max from are dual band family of radios features concurrent band operating capabilities (2 GHz + 5 GHz) with IP-67 enclosure and advanced IEEE TDMA based core with high gain dual polarization sector antenna for wide range Point to multipoint networks of more than 40 kms.
BTS is a 5GHz point‐to‐multipoint product with superior performance for building long distance links Super High power OFDM, MIMO 2 X 2‐ 5.8Ghz links. This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 30 dBm) and created with a unique hardware design and coupled with a reliable, feature rich operating system.


Customer Premises equipment is the most important component of any network structure, because on it depends the Quality of services end user is going to get, no matter how effective and strong Base station radio is deployed user is dependent over the customer premises equipment for availing those services or accessing the network, thus it is the customer premises equipment that act as an interface to end user for entire network, it has to be smart sleek and light yet robust rugged and durable. For modern day bandwidth hungry network utilities we have to keep developing new age higher data capacity customer premises equipment

This new CPE combines a robust IP‐67 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced TDMA based radio core containing OFDM MIMO technology with high gain dual polarization directional/integrated antenna. The device is powered by a reliable, advanced, and feature-rich operating system, allowing the creation of very high throughput and stable wireless networks quickly, safely, and effectively.
Maksat CPE max AC is a 5GHz device with 1.1 Gbps throughput - a result of powerful hardware platform with latest technology based radio and TDMA ideal solution for capacity demanding applications.
Dual band Maksat CPE is a power performer with IP-67 enclosure and dual band concurrent radio core based on MIMO technology with high gain dual polarization directional antenna.


MMS Max is a telco-grid high range, high capacity backhaul radio with robust IP‐67 compliant enclosure and advanced TDMA based on OFDM MIMO technology with high gain dual polarization directional antenna. In addition, device supports access point operating mode which extends application scenarios and makes it suited for point to point networks.
MMS max is a new generation of industrial grade 2x2 dual frequency AP for outdoor applications. It can provide stable wireless signal coverage and long distance wireless backhaul and provide customers with stable, high quality, convenient broadband services.
MMS Max dualband radio is a perfect solution for high bandwidth backhaul networks. Reliable intellegent and high performance wireless links, equiped with high gain dual polarization directional antenna for long range links of upto 100 kms.


Maksat Range of wifi access point provide optimum balance of network coverage and bandwidth data rates, Maksat wifi access points are known for reliability and ease of configuration thanks to our feature rich operating system that provide maximum utilization of hardware with minimum efforts, most important criteria for choosing any wifi access point is its network coverage capability and data rates provided, and that’s where Maksat wifi access point family creates an edge over others.

Smart AP CPE max is a great device for medium to long range point to point applications, it has upto 30 dBm high output power and 15 dBi smart integrated antenna with smart and sleek IP 67 enclosure.
The GINI R is a small, but robust and high performance 2.4 GHz access point designed for indoor and outdoor applications (not exposed to direct rain water). This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 30 dBm) 802.11n MIMO radio which allows communicating effectively older.
Cost effective peace of mind solution for small and mid range wireless networks, windmax is a perfect balance of performance and stability available in the 2.4/5 GHz CPE class.Highly Software advanced 802.11n radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology along with an external n type high gain dual polarization directional antenna.
Pluto Series delivers the highest performance and stability in the 2.4/5 GHz CPE class. This product combines a robust IP-67 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced 802.11n radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology with high gain dual polarization antenna.The pluto solution suits both point to point and point to multipoint networks.


This new LTE CPE combines a robust IP-67 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced LTE based system for new high speed cellular communication and data access the radio supports Band 40.
This new LTE CPE combines a smart and sleek designed enclosure with a highly advanced LTE based system for new high speed cellular communication and data access the radio supports Band.


With guaranteed tactical communications in even the toughest conditions, The Maksat Products are reliable, easy to install, and has a high MTBF and low MTTR. The Military grade design frequency hopping and frequency agilent capabilities aims at delivering excellent technical performance with proven deployments worldwide. Optimised for performance in harsh climates and difficult terrain and customised for support to legacy analogue,serial data used for mission-critical wireless communications by defence services throughout the world, chosen because it provides a robust, reliable, easily deployed flexible solution for a range of voice and data applications. Mission-critical communications networks rapidly established for a wide variety of both permanent and deployable tactical radio relay applications.


Wide Area Wireless Installation
Wireless coverage solutions for seamless access for Cities, Residential townships, campuses and public places, reaching to the remotest of places in both urban and rural areas, expanding the boundaries of connectivity.
Network Support Management
Building and maintenance of Optimum network solution, those are faster, efficient and sustainable. Deploying networks keeping the future in mind, designed for higher throughputs at lowest capex. Solution designing Installation and Commissioning of Network Equipment, routers, switches, firewalls.
Wireless Surveys
Best in industry skilled and experienced teams for eliminating fault tolerance to zero, and providing the ultimate solution, link planning, budgeting, Line of sight survey, network planning and installation by industries best professionals.
The quality of every Wireless connection is backed up with a guarantee, and every client receives individualized attention from specialists trained to provide efficient, valuable, and responsive support, quick resolution and effective solution. Swiftness is the key for perfect support services, thus our support experts focus on taking effective and right steps at right time, with our 24 X 7 dedicated experts we can guarantee peace of mind.



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